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Marketplace catered my wedding and the team was amazing along with the food! All of our guests were pleased with the meal and I couldn’t have been happier. Mendi and Jamie both were great to work with and Jamie’s kindness and professionalism helped ease any wedding anxiety I might have had with the meal!
Elizabeth Wilkerson via - Oct 25, 2021
We had a very large group go in and they were very good and took great care of us! Our server was kylie and she did an amazing job making sure our drinks were constantly full and got all of our ordered in quickly!
Serenity Brunson via - Oct 25, 2021
The service, by my server Seth, and the food was wonderful.
John McAdams via - Oct 24, 2021
Kids Tenders go so well with a desert ... read more
Regium Draco via - Oct 24, 2021
Seth is an AMAZING server. He was extremely attentive and very knowledgeable about the menu.
Sheila brown via - Oct 24, 2021
Seth was great, and the food was delicious!!
Lindsay Osteen via - Oct 24, 2021
Lacey was very helpful and attentive! Thank you!
Kelly Pohl via - Oct 24, 2021
This place never disappoints. Well ran, good service, great food. Very consistent. Tyler is great.
Joseph McSpadden via - Oct 23, 2021
Tyler served our family tonight. He did a exceptional job, it was great service.
jeremy bailey via - Oct 23, 2021
Great service with Terina!!! She was on top of making sure that all our food was good, timely and up to our standards of liking!
Mackenzie Marshall via - Oct 23, 2021
Excellent meal and atmosphere, as always. Seth was a great server and we will ask for him by name at our next visit.
April O’Neal via - Oct 23, 2021
Seth has been a terrific server for our dinner tonight. We are traveling through on our way home to Southern California after a long journey and are so pleased to find a restaurant with great food and great service. Thanks from a former restaurant owner, I really appreciate a well run establishment.
Janean Doan via - Oct 23, 2021
Seth was our waiter!!! He was awesome and had a terrific personality!!!
James Garst via - Oct 23, 2021
I cannot recommend MarketPlace enough! From the professionalism of the hostesses (Jacee), the phenomenal waitstaff (Seth), and the manager (Lance) who came by to make sure our experience was great. The food was amazing as always. Highly recommend and will return!!
Jennifer Calvert ND via - Oct 23, 2021
Good food. friendly service.Would definitely eat there sgain!
Shari Moser via - Oct 23, 2021
Food was great and the service was awesome. Seth was attentive and personable.
Ashley Rogers via - Oct 23, 2021
Seth was our server! He was great and very personable. Food was delicious.
DaNell Lagomarsino via - Oct 23, 2021
Seth did a great job ... read more
Molina Troyer via - Oct 23, 2021
Seth was great ... read more
Jerry Troyer via - Oct 23, 2021
Seth, our waiter, was really nice and had some great recommendations. We visited on our way through town, so we were new to the menu, but were still able to try some really good food. The jalapeño cheese fritters and salmon were great!
Jack Hill via - Oct 23, 2021
Food was great and Wes was an AWESOME server!
Courtney Wohl via - Oct 22, 2021
Seth, was an exceptional server who made are dining experience fun. Some of the best services we have had an a long ... read more
Chris Gilliam via - Oct 22, 2021
Lacy and the restaurant were amazing. Thank you ... read more
Mark Speck via - Oct 22, 2021
What a great experience and meal. And Lacey was awesome!
Bud Marsh via - Oct 22, 2021
Lacey was awesome!!
POLLY COLLIER via - Oct 22, 2021
Our waiter Seth was warm, welcoming, and attentive. Prima Chicken Pasta was tasty. They even custom made a fried chicken salad for our 6-year-old. Loved it!
Paul Woodhouse via - Oct 22, 2021
Terina is the BEST!! Food is delicious but with her service it just made it that much better! Service and meals are phenomenal ... read more
Erin Mcgee via - Oct 22, 2021
Awesome and SWEET!!
Cheri Marsh via - Oct 22, 2021
Great service!
Food and service was amazing. Tyler was an incredible server!! I love coming to this restaurant when i’m in the area.
K2038UOjakes via - Oct 22, 2021
Lacey was AMAZING!!! Great steak and great atmosphere. At the end of our time, an older gentleman ca
Lacey was AMAZING!!! Great steak and great atmosphere. At the end of our time, an older gentleman came out who's seemed like the owner or the manager and personally asked about our time there. It was a great place to eat and we will definitely be coming back!
Braden P. via - Oct 22, 2021
Marketplace Grill catered our daughter's wedding. The food was delicious! The staff was friendly, prompt, professional and easy to work with. We think they did an awesome job!
S Bryson via - Oct 21, 2021
Great food, great service ... read more
David Christian via - Oct 21, 2021
We were there last night for dinner, even though we got there late, the service was great and the food was very tasty. Our server was Seth and he was tremendous. Very attentive and very responsive to what we were asking. I highly recommend the Marketplace and of course you need to ask for Seth to be your server.
T Webber via - Oct 20, 2021
We visited after craft shows, on our way back to Tulsa. It was yummy, as always. I got the apple walnut salad with blueberry vinaigrette on the side. It has grilled chicken on it and it's perfect! Of course you must enjoy the hot fresh bread in a pool of butter. Our group of 8 shared the chocolate mess !
Lorrie Carey via - Oct 20, 2021
Little pricey, but you get what you pay for. Love it.
Rixhard Cullens via - Oct 20, 2021
Seth did a great job!! Love the food!! Host guy was very nice and fun too!!!
Tracy Taylor via - Oct 20, 2021
Had lunch with a large group. Our server was Terina. She did a fantastic job. Our food was out quickly for such a large group. It was delicious! I love Marketplace Grill.
Carolyn T via - Oct 20, 2021
Terina was our waitress and she was amazing! She was able to give us great recommendations and was s
Terina was our waitress and she was amazing! She was able to give us great recommendations and was so helpful during our entire lunch. Although we don't live close we're going to make a point of coming back the next time we drive through ... read more
Stephanie L. via - Oct 20, 2021
Tyler is extremely professional and tool care of us for lunch. Sante Fe chicken was amazing ... read more
Sam Price via - Oct 19, 2021
Terina was a wonderful waitress! Fast and friendly. Made sure to let us know all the specials and make nice conversation with us. I will definitely be back just for her!
Raneesha Brown via - Oct 19, 2021
I was so please and surprised at the wonderful hospitality and the food was amazing. I got the baby back ribs and they were wonderful!! I so enjoyed my server Tyler and his service!! Thank you so much for making my evening so nice.
Macquel Smith via - Oct 19, 2021
Delicious lunch in a great atmosphere for sure! The salsa is SO FRESH! Service by Tyler was spot on. Big menu and I am looking forward to my next trip here.
JR Huyck via - Oct 19, 2021
Terina was our waitress at lunch and she was so polite, and efficient! She kept our drinks refilled, and even told us the soup of the day. Great service!
Terri Rose via - Oct 19, 2021
Tyler was our server at lunch, he was exceptional!
Breana Langford via - Oct 19, 2021
Good food but very slow service due to staff shortage. At least the manager was working, he even took our order.
Dr. Stephen King via - Oct 19, 2021
The food was great, and Terina had excellent service!!
The food was great, and Terina had excellent service!!
Tinley W. via - Oct 19, 2021
Jamie was phenomenal!! We had a larger group and service was excellent. Blown away by service and the food was delicious as well. Highly recommend!! Thanks, Jamie and cooks!!
Alyson Morrison via - Oct 17, 2021
Cameron was our server during the busy Sunday lunch an he did an excellent job!! Never left us waiting an made sure to keep us topped off with everything. Very personable young man, polite an very attentive. An the food was very good as well. Definitely will be back!
Frances Taylor via - Oct 17, 2021
Seth was our waiter. Such a good waiter and extremely friendly. Overall great experience!
Evan Kaufman via - Oct 17, 2021
Seth was our server and took excellent care of us. The food was excellent and fast. Great atmosphere. One of our faves always.
Daniel Hobbs via - Oct 17, 2021
Jamie was an amazing server. I came in with my family for a birthday party and she made it so special for us. We will definitely be back!! Thank you Jamie for a wonderful experience ... read more
Cameron Patton via - Oct 17, 2021
Our server Jamie was great. Ribeye, Ribs and salad were top notch. Worth coming back for!
R. Friend, author via - Oct 17, 2021
The food was so good and our server (Lilly) was excellent. We will be back!
Emily Prudhome via - Oct 17, 2021
Seth was amazing! He was very nice and he represented Marketplace very well. We are from Texas and this was our first food stop, excellent service! Thank you Seth!!
JACLYN BANUELOS via - Oct 17, 2021
Seth was outstanding! What a sweetheart and so helpful! Every recommendation he gave was perfection and he had such a kind demeanor. I hope We get him again next time, it was a great experience, my Cajun shrimp and grits were delicious.
Tara Hobbit via - Oct 17, 2021
This place was recommended to us by a friend, and boy did it meet my wildest expectations. Seth, our waiter, has revolutionized how I view waiters in this majestic experience. He was nothing short of impeccable in his timing, kind in his demeanor, and dedicated to being an exemplar worker in his craft. I wish him the best in all his ... read more
Levi via - Oct 17, 2021
The food was great we will be back. Jessie was a great server, she was so kind and helpful.
Avery Wheatley via - Oct 17, 2021
Service was excellent as was the food. They were extremely busy in part due to the event taking place next door, but you wouldn't have known it judging by how fast we were seated and served. Trevino made our visit very pleasant and memorable. From the awesome salad we split to start, then my incredible ribs and my wife's prime dip al ... read more
Paula Buckley via - Oct 17, 2021
Lacey is a hustler and is a wonderful server! The food was awesome!
Joni Gilbert via - Oct 16, 2021
Wonderful, friendly and helpful waitress, Ashley, made our visit so fun! Food was excellent....thank you for a great experience!
Judy Hayek via - Oct 16, 2021
Lacey is a great server, you should be proud to have her working for you. Great place to eat. From Owasso, Oklahoma ... read more
David Robinson via - Oct 16, 2021
Tyler is the absolute best!!
LINDA ZYLSTRA via - Oct 16, 2021
Terina was great! Kept our drinks full and took care of some food that wasn’t liked!
Jessica Pianalto via - Oct 16, 2021
Lacey is a super waitress!
Nancy Frazier via - Oct 16, 2021
Lacey was our server and she was AMAZING. Made our night special. If you go ask for her. Thank you Lacey!
Jennifer Cheshier via - Oct 16, 2021
The food was super tasty, though they were out of the soup I ordered. Lavonda treated us great! Thanks 😊 ... read more
Jess Pende via - Oct 16, 2021
Ashley, our waitress was wonderful.....she made our dining experience pleasurable. We had a great lunch!
Laura South via - Oct 16, 2021
Amazing service!
susannah wislar via - Oct 16, 2021
Tyler was excellent!!!!!!
Brenda Rolffs via - Oct 16, 2021
We loved Tyler!
Mary Vander Leest via - Oct 16, 2021
Lacey was great and my food was excellent.
Robert Frazier via - Oct 16, 2021
lacey ... read more
gaby sheehy via - Oct 16, 2021
Terrific meal with wonderful service from Lacey.
Jeff Feaster via - Oct 16, 2021
Great experience, largely due to how great our server, Rachel, was! She was attentive and would get you things before you even thought to ask! The Shrimp tacos were also awesome.
Jesse Wood via - Oct 16, 2021
Consistent excellent food and a good rewards program. Really impressed, on a recent visit, with Tyler, our waiter.
Richard Hudson via - Oct 16, 2021
It was our first time and we loved it!!! Lacey was the best!!
Patti Jones via - Oct 16, 2021
Lacey was a great host!! Love this place!
Emily Boyer via - Oct 16, 2021
Awesome service; amazing food!
We were in the marketplace yesterday; Tyler was our server! He did such an phenomenal job! He anticipated what we needed before we even asked! Tyler was friendly, kind and courteous! We visit marketplace very often and we are always very thankful when Tyler is our waiter! They were extremely busy as the craft shows were going on; so ... read more
ralillard1712 via - Oct 16, 2021
Lagonda was our server and she was excellent. The food was wonderful with lots of choices.
Carol Cox via - Oct 14, 2021
Really wonderful wait staff. Great atmosphere. We had a party of 15. At least 2 of us had cold food.
Katie Andersen via - Oct 14, 2021
Great Service
Service was great!! Julia was our waitress and she was amazing! Definitely going to continue to come back!!!
829madib via - Oct 14, 2021
Lacey was excellent!
Hal Grant via - Oct 13, 2021
Lacey was an excellent waitress!
Victor Garcia Zayas via - Oct 13, 2021
The food was very good. Our waitress, Lacey, was wonderful. We drove 5 hours to get here. We will be back soon.
Terri Teel via - Oct 13, 2021
Food and service both stellar. Lacey was the best!
Jo Ann Ream via - Oct 13, 2021
Lacey was awesome!!!!
Traci Davis via - Oct 13, 2021
Our server Tyler did a fantastic job! We enjoyed our time there very much!
DENNIS SPEER via - Oct 13, 2021
Excellent job. Great suggestions. Lacey was fantastic.
Cheryl Roberson via - Oct 13, 2021
Excellent customer service from Lacey ... read more
Terry Yopp via - Oct 13, 2021
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