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Our Story

MarketPlace Grill the restaurant began in the fall of 1995, but the concept was birthed in the rich history of America’s past.
There was a day when the marketplace was the nerve center of the community. Bustling commerce and rich social interaction were the norm. People would come from miles around to buy and sell the freshest meats and produce. They loved to meet their friends and conduct their business in and around the markets. These were simpler and wonderful times.

At MarketPlace Grill we desire to tap into those days gone by and provide you a place that can meet your social and business needs.
We are committed to preparing your meals with the freshest ingredients and serving them to you by professional and well-equipped staff.

We desire to give you an exceptional dining experience each and every time you eat with us. In these days of pre-fabricated foods and sub-standard service we believe you can tell the difference. Come try us and experience what thousands of others have already experienced: MarketPlace Grill is truly a fresh change of place.

Interested in joining the MarketPlace Family?